Our Responsibility for God's Creation


On 22 August 1998, Father General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach officially inaugurated Arrupe College (now Arrupe Jesuit University), The Jesuit School of Philosophy and Humanities, in Harare - Zimbabwe.


For his speech, Father Kolvenbach chose to give a lecture on Our Responsibility for God's Creation. In this lecture, Father Kolvenbach noted that: 


The relations between humanity and its environment have always been characterized by 'plundering and competition.' The human being found in the environment an ally and a friend, which could yet be frighteningly hostile. From the beginning, humanity has tried to control the environment. It dominates it, and yet is made to suffer by it. Everywhere in the Bible, you find hymns and canticles to the earth, expressing both joy and despair. The apparent indifference of the environment to human suffering has always been a cause of bewilderment. The trees mutely observe the passing generations and the birds still sing on the day after an atomic explosion.